Automate SAP Processes

Manual, repetitive data entry. Stale, missing, inaccurate data. Long cycle times. These challenges increase company costs, cause delays, consume resources, undermine trust and drive away skilled employees. Master them with Winshuttle RPA for SAP.

Deep SAP integration

Simple, fast automation for business users

Quick, low-cost implementation

RPA for SAP: Taking the robot out of the human

Robotic Process Automation for SAP

Leverage Winshuttle’s deep SAP expertise, and create and deploy automations in days without IT or infrastructure engagement. Automate your processes for quick, high ROI and create a lasting impact.

Financial Accounting

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Journal Entry, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Travel and Expenses, Reporting, Financial Master Data

Shared Services

Accounting, HR, Procurement and Warehousing, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Master Data

Winshuttle’s automation process

Identify transactions
for RPA

Record and map transactions
and processes

Test and

Run scripts

Core RPA

Explore Studio

Core RPA + Business Process Management

Explore Foundation

Make a lasting impact with Winshuttle


Reduce costly data errors, rework and delays.


Automate quickly, reduce cycle times and achieve fast ROI.


Reduce labor, operating and rework costs.


Tackle higher workloads without adding headcount.

Empower business teams

Increase effectiveness and improve employee satisfaction.

We save around $1.9 Million per year in avoided programming, reduced data entry workload costs and Service Level Agreement (SLA) costs. Most importantly, we have given our users a tool that enhances their productivity and the accuracy of the data in our systems.

Chantal Gauvreau
Business Process Manager, SAP Center of Excellence
Canada Post