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Winshuttle solutions lie at the intersection of SAP data management and process automation. Since 2003, we’ve been focused on helping enterprises optimize their SAP investment by automating manual data entry processes, improving data quality and driving better business results. For companies investing in RPA, Winshuttle offers the best SAP solution for your automation portfolio.

If a process being automated includes SAP, Winshuttle is your best option

Adopting a portfolio approach to RPA is the best way to achieve automation goals

Focused on business outcomes, not technology

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Put the robots to work on your SAP processes

RPA is ideal to quickly tackle high-volume, low-complexity structured processes, like those found in financial accounting, HR, and customer services.

Automate these tasks with Winshuttle software and get the quick wins you need to continue your automation journey.


Overcoming the Challenges of General-Purpose RPA Tools for SAP Automation

RPA Portfolio Approach helps achieve automation goals

Using a generic RPA tool for automating SAP processes often feels like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. As analysts such as Gartner have advocated, complex enterprises are much better served taking a portfolio approach to their RPA deployment strategy.

A portfolio approach gives you:

  • Flexibility that a single tool strategy lacks
  • Best-of-breed automation by application
  • The ability to leverage generic RPA tools for making connections between disparate systems

Do not try and make one RPA tool answer all of your organizations automation needs.


We’re seeing productivity improvements on the order of 25,360 hours per year, which is equal to approximately $1.3 million in personnel costs. In addition to all that, we’re saving about $525,000 annually by booking receivables earlier than ever. So, I guess you could say that we’ve seen much more than a return on our Winshuttle investment. We will see the return many, many times over.

President and CEO
Conagra Brands

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Choose the leader in SAP automation solutions

Free up humans

Eliminate manual, repetitive data entry, improve morale, and free up time for higher-value work.

Designed for the business

Empower business teams to build robotic solutions—without technical programming skills.

Built for SAP

Deep SAP integration means more reliable, faster automation. . Deploy robust solutions in weeks or even days for fast ROI.

Proven ROI

We focus on business results with proven success and thousands of happy customers around the globe.

More than just RPA

Part of a comprehensive SAP data management platform to automate any process—from simple to complex.

SAP-certified solution

Works across your SAP landscape and is certified for ECC and S/4HANA on-premise.

Winshuttle helps process tasks with speed and
accuracy. It will process huge volumes in less time.”

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